29. August 2012

SillyDay Creatures!

Was a bit busy the last days... Kids at home for holidays... several much needed visits to the dentist (ouch!).... and inbetween two babys had arrived!!!
Congratulations to my dear friend and blogger Iluska, her little Nina arrived August 18 and is a beauty!
And my friend Miriam had her little girl Rebecca-Marie August 21, Yippie! :-)
I'm crazy about babys and sometimes i think to have one myself again... but than again all those sleepless nights, the sicknesses, the tempers, no time for job nor play and fun.... nah...  it's enough to peek into other peoples strollers ;-)

O.K. back to business!
Here are my SillyDay Creatures a bit delayed but nevertheless as silly as  ever.

To new visitors, i explain the principles of SillyDay Creatures:
i do them in real-time in my favorite techniques, Blob-drawing or One_Line.
for further informations about this techniques, please visit Carla Sonheims Blog.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Judith, awww, I just saw this post! Thank you! And yes, the sleepless nights still continue 3 months later... They're cute, but man oh man, are you sure you want that again? ;)

    Wondering how you've been.

    Big hugs!