3. November 2011

No Pattern Monday...

this week as it's already Thursday, but i wanted to share with you this link:
If you like to listen to new music and discover good art work then try Ramen Music.
That i stumbled over them is not because i searched for a new ramen recipe but one of my Flickr Contacts did the last Artwork for them.
If you don't know her already: http://www.singingbones.com go round for a peek. She is a comic/cartoon artist, too. I like her work very much and she is a seriously lovely and witty  charakter.
Yes, i know: And why hadn't you seen anything of my work recently???
Well, my hands are very damaged, with all the housework and cooking and working with paper they got extremly dry and cracked open. Now nearly every finger of both of my hands are coverd with wounds which won't heal however hard i tryed to avoid more damage. I tryed every hand cream on the planet, worked with plastic gloves (wich i hate!) and creamed them again and again. My keyboard is greasy and typing painful. I can't hold my pencils properly what actually freaks me out. I thought of taking a picture of my hands but they look pretty off-putting.
So i guess the only thing i can do is take a rest.


  1. Hi Judith! I am so sorry to hear about your hands. I have suffered with psoriasis for a long time (though not on my hands) so I can totally relate to the sadness and frustration of skin problems, especially when it is on your hands that you need to make your art with. I hope the rest does the trick, and that they heal very soon.

  2. Judith, I'm sorry too to read this. I can't suggest you any remedy, just hope you get better soon! Take good care! Patience...!