19. Februar 2011

WISHLIST from my fellow OWOH friends!

YESSSS! It works (bad luck at the beginning).O.K. anyway i'm delighted, so here we go:
1. Deborah ( http://debsvintagesoul.blogspot.com ) likes to have a portrait of her son.
2. Norma ( http://thefairyyellowbugqueen.blogspot.com ) wants her Name in one of my futur drawings.
3. Angie (http://meriscrapper13.blogspot.com ) she likes to have one of my designs for her cookbook.
4. Gale ( http://suchfuntogive.blogspot.com ) she likes someting Art Nouveau.
5. Peggy ( http://kaartenwonderland.blogspot.com ) just likes to win....hm, interesting ;-)
6. Mallory ( http://mallorygoldie.blogspot.com ) what about a 3d monochromatic paper forest relief. I'm thinking a natural color. And maybe a few drops of bright watercolors to add interest...or whatever your heart desires :)
7. Dymphie ( http://papierenavonturen.blogspot.com ) likes a linocut with the subject: Book.
8. Donna ( http://onhoneysucklehill.blogspot.com ) Likes a drawing or a painting of her parents.
9. Connie ( http://cettacheese.blogspot.com )  likes to have a very special logo for her business.
10. Crafty Creations ( http://inkythings.blogspot.com ) likes to have a portrait of herself.
11. Johanna ( http://johanna-mixedmediafun.blogspot.com ) likes to share some braille papersheets with me, so that i can "do" someting with it.
12. Mimi ( http://screamingmimiblog.com ) likes a beautiful Sunflower.
13. Michelle ( http://lostcoastpost.blogspot.com ) Michelle you are my "lucky" number 13,.... o.k. Michelle likes to see what i do with the theme "hand & soul" ( her business name), another business logo, perhaps??? :-)
14. Always Inspired ( http://inspiringadventuresofalwaysinspired.blogspot.com ) likes to have "some sort of art" of her best little furry friend with the big name: Merlin J. Phineas Alberto!
15. random thoughts do or di ( http://randomthoughtsdoordi.blogspot.com ) likes a creation with her favorite flowers: hydrangeas, daffodils, dahlias....
16. Bonnie ( http://nanbonscorner.blogspot.com ) likes something designed for her charity quilting group.
17. Lorraine ( http://fairlygirly.blogspot.com ) likes to have a portrait of her son.
18. Diane ( http://lavenderdreamstoo.blogspot.com ) likes a red origami.
19. Jenn ( http://justjenndesignz.blogspot.com ) likes a portrait of her squirrel "Cocoa Bean".
20. Micki ( http://thedote.blogspot.com ) likes to have a portrait of her soulmate and husband.
21. Suz ( http://katsuijewelry.blogspot.com ) likes to have a piece of paper that symbolizes "hope".
22. Pea ( http://peascorner.blogspot.com ) likes a faerie-"tale" on paper.
23. Rian ( http://freubel-art.blogspot.com ) likes a "paper" with one of her lovely chubby woman.
24. Sam ( http://sambonbon.blogspot.com ) likes a b/w lino print of a beach scene.
25. Rita ( http://atomicwarbride.blogspot.com ) likes to have "something" with her dog Disco in it.
26. Abigail ( http://rustedwingsstudio.blogspot.com ) " how about a snowfake"? Hm, i think of it.
27. Wanda ( http.//needlewings.blogspot.com ) likes mermaids and cats... or even 1/2 Cat- 1/2 fish creation / creature. That might be interesting!
28. Keisha ( http://vintagetreasurehunts.blogspot.com ) likes a pencil drawing of her two children.
29. Gracie ( http://rey-gato.blogspot.com ) likes an origami piece, a cherry flower or a japanese paper doll.
30. Regina ( http://southernooaks.blogspot.com ) likes something having to do with her son. 
31. Birgit ( http://swappinghowdies.blogspot.com ) is a "wild" one...and likes to have something with the subject "Wild,Wild West", :-)))
32. Sandra ( http://adornedintreasure.blogspot.com ) likes to be included in one of my drawings.
33. Annie ( http://mustlovepaint.blogspot.com ) likes a cartoon in which her ragdoll cat "Fonzie" is starring as a scarf! 
34. Rayna ( http://northstarshetlands.blogspot.com ) raises sheep and is getting married in september... she likes something that combines the two, like sheeps getting hitched.... :-)
35. Mitz ( http://chantillylacelace.blogspot.com ) likes something related to wisconsin that means : packer or cheesehead ;-)
36. Heidi ( http://myhidingplaceincyberspace.blogspot.com ) her life would be complete with a groovy 60s/70s concert flyer-style illustration of a cross-dressing garden gnome. Irresistible! ;-)
37. Beckie ( http://artbeckons.blogspot.com ) likes asian-themed stuff and surprises :-)  
38. Cara ( http://caramakes.blogspot.com ) likes beetles and the colo(u)r green...
39. Leslie ( http://beckoningoflife.blogspot.com ) likes something pink and romantic.
40. Cath ( http://changelingthings.wordpress.comWhat if you made, say an a5 sheet with a glorious rich background on it - then tore it in half and sent one half to the winner. Then both you and the winner could make something with it, or draw a picture on it (i would probably do that), and then send what they'd made to the other person. 
41. Ladybug ( http://thelightifind.blogspot.com ) likes the most unique dragonfly to place in fun spots around her home.
42. Connie ( http://stampgram.blogspot.com ) likes flowers very much.
43. Sean ( http://sevenunderfoot.blogspot.com ) is entered in for his daugther Melanie who had lost everything in a fire that destroyed her home! What a kind-hearted father!!! 
44. Ducky Doo ( http://whazupduck.blogspot.com ) now that's a challenge! DD likes a cartoon of himself...nothing special about that apart from: HE IS A CAT!!!


  1. Its really doing very well now x Hilda

  2. WOW! I am so excited to be a winner and to receive one of your creations. Please feel better and stay well.
    Nice to meet you on this wonderful world wide blog tour.

  3. Hello! I couldn't believe my email! What a wonderful prize!

    I can't wait to start seeing your creations!

  4. You are so sweet...what a wonderful gift to us all. Very excited to see just how everything turns out over this year. Thank you!!