19. Februar 2011

And the winner is...

It's the 19. february and today is the BIG day! O.K. here we go: As you could see over the last weeks i had two lists for winnig a doorprize. One for the visitors with the the most original ideas and one for the visitors without a wish.
First i will anounce the winner for the latter. Out of 34 lovely bloggers the "True Random Number Generator" (see widget to your right) draw number 17 and that is: Amiee Jeffries from Misty Moon Creations. Congratulations Dear !!!
AND because i got so many great and original ideas... i simply couldn't  draw just one out of this lot!
I stewed over it some hours and came to the conclusion (because i like to challange me further and further):


That means i will do all of them. The progress of creating the single wishes will be documented by me in this blog through-out this year! Of course i will work as fast as i can. So hopefully all my winners 
(and anyone else) will enjoy looking at the "making of" their wishes and ideas. 
OWOH was a very inspiring and heart-warming event and i will remember it as a very special occasion to meet and befriend people of great generosity and kindness! Thank you all!


  1. erstmal: gute besserung von krank zu krank!!! (ist zur zeit überhaupt noch jemand gesund??!) ich hoffe, du erholst dich bald:))

    eilt gar nicht, aber schick mir doch bei gelegenheit dann mal deine adresse, damit ich dir ein paar braille blätter zukommen lassen kann. bin schon sehr gespannt, was dir dazu einfällt;)

    ganz liebe grüße, johanna

  2. Oh for cool! Thanks for the email, you're awesome :)

  3. Wow! that is stupendous! (and I do hope you feel better soon as well!)

  4. Congratulations Aimee!!!!

    Judith, I am so sorry to hear you have been ill. I wish you a very speedy recovery! Take care of yourself my dear friend.

  5. Omigosh, you are so very generous!! I do hope you feel better real soon, after all you're going to be a busy girl:-) Hugs, PEA xo

  6. hope you feel much better soon! You are far to generous, don't worry about making all the wished for things, make the things YOU love to make and be happy. At least that's what I would like you to do :D
    xo Dymphie

  7. Aren't you a courageous crafty soul! That's a LOT of work- I hope you'll enjoy every step of it! I know we'll all love seeing what you come up with!

  8. that's a fantastic idea!!! I'll be expecting your post XD

    PS. Hope you get well soon

  9. Wow what an amazing gesture you are so kind.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon

    Hugs Hilda

  10. Thanks for the fantastic offer!
    I look forward to the post on your blog, Hope you feel better soon, if your anything like me you'll probably be lying there with idea's buzzing, just itching to get started!
    X Sam.

  11. Hallo Judith,

    gute Besserung! Mann, da hast Du Dir aber etwas vorgenommen... Viel Spaß beim Umsetzen all dieser Ideen und Wünsche. Natürlich bin ich schon sehr gespannt, wie Du meinem Wilden Westen zeigst.

    Liebe Grüße,

  12. Oh my gosh !! Seriously Judith ?
    I had to read twice and got goosebumps!!
    I'm looking forward but FIRST OF ALL take care of your self okè !! And time !!!

    Hearty greetings Rian from Holland :)

  13. Yeay thanks so much Judith! I'm glad you were able to participate, how generous of you wow the whole list! *Hugs*

  14. Congrats to Aimee....awesome!!!! Judith...you are so sweet..I was so surprised when I got my email from you. How exciting!! I'm sending feel good thoughts your way too...feel better soon.