3. Juni 2013

Land submerged!

O.K. it's official, i was miles away lately and i simply don't wanted to accept that i needed a break.
A time out from work, blogging, family life. So i postponed my descision for weeks on end not noticing that i already not only 'accepted' but acctually lived with it. I think to name my time out a sabbatical made it easier in the end to deal with my total exhaustion.
Stress symptoms like uncontrollable shaking hands (to name just one) made it impossible to work or do just the simplest of domestic work.
It was and is a rough time for me and i have to change a lot in my life. Some things are new and exciting: like the new house we are moving in. Some are just plain boring like piles of paperwork.
Well, and some are enormously scary like beeing in midlife crisis and... yes, you heared the WORD... .
I have and had to rethink some of my plans in life and unhealthy adopted habits (this is the scariest part of all, say hello to psychoanalysis).
Hmmm, and than there are things they just happen to you like rising flood waters. Our village is one of the affected areas in the south of Germany. This night we were literally just centimeters away from the catastrophy. We reached our highest water level at  1.30 am  with 7,11 m. Luckily the rain stopped for know but the weatherforcast is not very encouraging it can easily get worse once again and how fast  a river can rise is impressive.

This is the Inn on sunday afternoon at about 5 pm with water level 6,70 m. 

Impressive isn't it?

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