9. Januar 2012

Pattern Monday or "Muster Montag"

Well, the holiday season is over and we all have to get back to our routine... in my case, finding interesting pattern every monday for inspiration, expressing emotions or just simply for their beauty.

And because of the grey and grey outside i need something sunny and funny inside...

It's not a real pattern, but the dancing clouds do have some effect.
This is artwork of Walter Trier, one artist and cartoonist i admire particularly. 



  1. Hatte nie von ihm gehört, das muss ich mich in Ruhe ansehen. Gute Entdeckung, Danke!
    Kennst Du Tomi Ungerer? Ich hab mich letztens dieses Buch gekauft. Meine letzte Verlobung...

  2. I love the dancing clouds and the lonely little boat who looks so happy down there. Sunny indeed. :)