28. November 2011

Pattern Monday or "Muster Montag"

Hello everybody!
Can you believe that its only 4 (!) weeks till christmas.... wahhhh... °0°
This is definitly the most exhausting period of the year for me, not only that there are a lot of x-mas preparations to do but also a lot of activities and not to forget that i have to organize birthday parties for my whole family (yes, we all are born around christmas and new years eve).
The first candle is burning...


1 Kommentar:

  1. That snowflake candle holder is so lovely :) & I feel for you... We have three family BDs in November (including mine and Isaak's), then an elaborate St. Nicholas celebration that needs preparation on the 5 th of December, and by now, I can only say... I'm NOT dealing with Christmas for another couple of days ;) Have as happy a December as you can, and happy BD to you and the rest of your family! xx