5. Oktober 2011

This is one of the...

hardest years i ever had and i feel somewhat whacked. To be honest i'm suffering real bad depressions and i need a break. I started out this year with the OWOH Wishlist challange... but this turned into a burden and no longer makes me happy, the fun is gone... i don't want to quid it, really, but i feel i need to step back and take a long breath to find my creativity back. I never worked well under pressure.
I hate to let people down... i can understand when you guys won't wait any longer...
For me i will finish but perhaps not this year (what i had in mind for the challange) but i have so many other duties first of all my little ones and my husband and i need to be careful about my mental and physical energy. Which is actually almost non-existent.
I don't want to give you the impression i want to wimp out. But let's face it, i love to do the things with great thought and well manufactured... should i rush through it in order to "win"? Or would you prefer something what contains my whole range of expertise and the certainity that i did my best to achieve the ultimate result... i love doing the things right and that takes under some circumstances a lot of time...
I felt i have to explain that to you. :-)

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  1. Judith, ich hatte mir schon gedacht, daß Du Dich mit den OWOH-Preisen ein wenig übernommen hast. Kein Problem -- laß Dich nicht stressen. Streich mich von der Liste (ich war die mit dem Wilden Westen), dann hast Du sozusagen schon mal etwas erledigt. :) Nimm Dir Zeit für die wirklich wichtigen Dinge und genieß die Vorweihnachtszeit.

    Liebe Grüße aus München,