18. Oktober 2011

Pattern Monday! Or " Muster Montag"

On tuesday... >smirk< ... how's that?
Well, i didn't found my rhythm yet. It's difficult, when do i do my homework? When will i do the groceries and cooking? Because, just to sit down and hit my face on the table will not make the creative ideas topple out of my head. I need to combine creative time (in my case a lot of table sitting and labouring about a very expensive drawing paper trying to cover that neatly with india ink, which needs a lot of PATIENCE)
and the time i need for housekeeping and for my family.
And herein lies my problem, if i can't release my inner creativity, i'm starting feeling restless. If i feel restless, i don't have the patience for 'donkey-work' like "inking". When i don't get that work done, i come under pressure, which again makes me feel more restless and i start to feel completely blocked....
I have lots and lots of good techniques to prevent "writer's block" but what do i do when i'm in the thick of it? Gosh that's so frustrating!
In times like this, the only solution for me is to totally abandon the whole thing for a while and get into something different instead. In my case i deepend my knowlege about japanese cooking (will post some pics real soon). Ever tried to make Udon and Ramen noodles yourself at home (and i don't speak about opening the package and prepare some soup)? ;-)
But my sushi has definitely reached a higher level and i'm deeply in love with bento (the boxes, not the software).



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