4. Juli 2011

Certainly i wasn't ...

lazy this weekend and worked on my OWOH Wishlist. I know that i have a lot of delay but i try hard to finish all the entries by the end of the year!
And now Monique from : http://thelightifind.blogspot.com
has won her new "housemate". Because she likes dragonflies, especially unique ones to place them around her home...

I started out with wiring the corps and than cover it with paper...

than the first layer of white acrylic paint...

Ready to fly!

The weather is bad here at the moment so the pictures might be a bit misleading.
Dear Monique i hope you like her.


  1. Super cute! And the wedding is September 24th :)


  2. Hi, Judith, OOOOOHHHHH! I also love dragonflies! And specially this one! So cute!! Great!