27. Juni 2011

Pattern Monday! Or " Muster Montag"

Hello everybody!
And a hearty welcome to a new week with me and my fish (at the bottom of this page, feel free to feed them!)  ;-)
I wanted to make an all-nighter yesterday and... to my shame i have to confess:
I conked out at 2 in the morning. But all in all i worked at my new DoodleBook 2011 about 12 hours (started at 4 p.m. yesterday and stopped at 2, than started yet again at 8 a.m. this morning until 10 = 12 hours!!! completed).
Every monday i pick up a pattern that somehow works like an trend indicator and / or inspirational source for me through out the following week...

This is a detail of what i did yesterday!

And now you probably like to have a look of the alterations i did on the book? 
Let's see.....

Front cover.

The back.

The first page.

I own this book for several years now but couldn't quite use it.
I think all of you have had this sort of experience before: 
You see something that looks promising to you, like a new piece of sports equipment for example, and at home you realize that you don't have the knowledge to use it properly and than you put it aside to come back for it when you can handle it. 
And sometimes it can take a lot of time to come back for it. 

Here for some reason (which i no longer remember) i had cut the page in half and it was painted with some watercolour, before i alterated it into this. 
I often "hate" my old first steps in new techniques and materials. 
But to kick them into the wastepaper bin???    No!!!
Usually i leave them for quite a while and than i pluck up all my courage to face my "horrible" first steps and think about how i can render them into something beautiful or at least into something i feel comfortable with.
But after all it is my personal DoodleBook and i don't have to show anybody what could embarrass me, right?  :-)


  1. Hi there - I'm so sorry you've been through so much pain recently - perhaps the all nighter was a kind of healing vigil. The results are great in any case. If I am able to leave a message it will be for the first time in months - some bug has been stopping them from going through I think. I wish you well.

  2. whaaa! I love this and I love that you are doing this! You inspired me to doodle more this summer! So brave and creative to go back and tackle your "first steps" :-)

  3. Your journal is very fun and whimsical. Beautiful work.