6. Juni 2011

Pattern Monday! Or " Muster Montag"

Today is the town meeting and tomorrow is the funeral of my father-in-law. I badly need strength, i feel weak and vulnerable...Perhaps looking at this helps:



  1. Hi, Judith,
    I'm sorry for your father in law, I'm sure you will feel comfort remembering the good life he shared with all of you.

    Thanks for your comments in my blogs (the cooking one is quite stopped... I do cook mostly every day but no time to write it and draw it). Try the gazpacho with strawberries, it's quite different taste, but as fresh and good as the classic!
    And yes, I spent some time in Germany, mainly in the south (Stuttgart, Freiburg und kurze Reise in Frankfurt, Köln...). Warst Du irgendwann in Spanien? Wo? In Argentina bestimmt, oder?

  2. Mmmmh, lecker! Ich nehme den ersten im zweite Reihe, Schoko!