25. Mai 2011

News update!

Had a personel call with our first mayor today, in which he told me to get stuffed... frankly i didn't was surprised because that's what he did last time only more delicately. I'm organizing a town meeting and i'm collecting signatures... it's very exhausting.... no time for OWOH Wishlist at the moment....
I hope my dear winners you can wait a little longer but to witness a child almost die in your arms is....
Please, if you want to support me leave your comments here or at my facebook page!
I think when our leaders in politics are so arrogant and ignorant and we hold still against them, than we have exactly what we deserve...


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your experiences. I can't imagine something so tragic as to hold a child in life threatening conditions in my arms. Hang in there and stay strong. This is worth fighting for.

  2. *HUG* You have my support, Judith! I am so sorry to hear what you went through... this kind of experience really turns your life upside down. It is inspiring to see you taking action. Keep us posted!