26. April 2011

My todays adoration...

goes out to my favourite childrensbook illustrator Quentin Blake!

He is almost a fatherfigure for me. 
One of the best teacher for childrensbook illustration!
If you want to learn more, please visit his extraordinary detailed homepage:


  1. Good choose! He is also one of my most beloved illustrators, if not THE most. Did you have him as teacher, have I understood right? If you say yes, I will be forever neidisch of you!!!
    Do you know Emilio Urberuaga? He's one of my favourites too. Here you can see some of his illustrations, auf deutsch übersetzt:
    And of course, Janosch, sure you know him, don't you? So many wonderful illustrators...

  2. To my utterly regret i never got the chance to meet him in person. But he has the same approach of work as i have and i think also the sence of humour. I could listen to him for ever! And no, i didn't knew Emilio Urberuaga it was very enriching to see his work, thank you. There are so many good illustrators out there...and i love to get to know their work! :-)