4. April 2011

I seem to have a...

good day for creative work. I had a little bit of a problem with the theme for this month sketchbook challange: Branching out - Out on a limb! For a not native english speaking person like me i had to read the instructions carefully. But i hope i got the spirit of it and it turned out to fit perfectly with my personal thoughts and worries! Leaving my comfort zone means to me, going where just i can go. To be brave and try something new, artistically that is trying new technics, new color combinations, doing things that are "forbidden"! It was a great experiment to meet myself and i'm quite pleased with the result. It brought me a great deal forward to be confident and trusting in my own abilities.

And no eraser allowed!

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  1. This is cool! You can go on with the story, what happened then, did Caroline enjoyed the wind in her branches? How did she feel when autumn came throwing out all her leaves? Did she enjoyed the birds making their nests in her? Great!