10. März 2011


what felt like a million dots:

the first page of the braille paper is finished.
I wanted to make the dots "visible" for us seeing people.
I felt this would be very interesting to see what pattern would outcome.

Unfortunately the weather is very bad today, 
so the pictures are a bit dark.
But i hope the effect is visible. 
It was very, very interesting to work with this paper.
For one, it is a very smooth paper (i guess it is coated to allow the fingers to slide easily over it),
 to work with watercolour, is perhaps not a good idea... 
and it reacts unforgivable to earsers!
Secondly it's a heavy paper (of course that is understandable, a lighter paper would be demaged by the braille typewritting maschine) so i'm very curious what i can do with it in further projects.
For example,what will happen when i cut it? Dye it? 
Stay tuned! 

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