1. Februar 2011

This Week...

starts not very well... OWOH for me is not working and I'm quite disappointed. I got the impression it's not going about getting to know people/blogger around the world, it's more like the first day of summer sales.
I wanted Lisa to be precise about that "Door-Prize". First of all, i couldn't work out what was ment by that, was it on a free base or required, and what should that be? Now i know and i feel forced to give or make something just because everyone else has. That, for me, is not the spirit i thought it would be.
And i seriously think about taking back my registration...but perhaps i had just bad luck.
Yes, and i got my grades back for the cartoon and comic course. Unfortunately, they are not as good as i hoped, over and done the straight "A" student, groan!
The last days of silliness 3, i will miss this daily routine! And the wonderful silly people!!!
And i'm alone with my two kids, one of it ill. Great, just great!


  1. Don't feel disappointed! I found your blog trough OWOH! I am sending you some positive vibes!! I hope your child feels better soon and only good news is coming your way! hugs :)

  2. OWOH has only started. It takes a while for people to find blogs and to connect. For some it might be just about having the chance to win - who knows - but in the end it is all about meeting and learning, and I already learned a lot :-) Hope your little one will be better soon and all the best for you.
    Viel Glueck! Petra. x

  3. Such a shame that it didn#t start out right for you - think its off the ground properly now.

    Gentle hugs for the little one

    x Hilda