23. Dezember 2010

Chrissie Cards!

O.K.! Some of you might have received their cards by now. I think it's time to give you the instruction:

Let's start with the opening.

Pull the two straps together.

You will have the star in your hand.
I didn't put a pearl or clip into the envelope, 
it might have damaged it...

Perhaps you don't see it well, but i clippted the two
straps together, than tied a knot and lengthened the star
with a satin ribbon as desired. 
I attached it on a hook by the window frame.
P.S.: I wasn't sure if everybody was able to see the meaning of the Star and Mick suggested i should give  you a instruction of the build together, not rather the hole making off...
But if you are interested in a tutorial, leave a comment here!

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