24. November 2010

Found a new Artist!

Two days ago i ordered a few new books via amazon and was very impressed by joung artist Chris Ayers.
I'm a proud owner of these two books:"The daily Zoo" Vol. 1+2. I didn't had a clou of the story behind it, i just got  caught by the covers (the Bookcover works fine for me and it seems for others too, because Vol. 2 is nearly sold). He keeps a Journal with one drawn animal a day. That makes now the incredible and amazing amount of 730! animals in all sorts of styles. Very, very, impressive and sooo inspiring (especially for those, who are huge animal lovers, like me). But what has really captured me was his story: He had battled against one of the worsest cancer forms: Leukemia. And has won! YAY!!!
As a cancer-survivor he is extremly open with his story and his feelings. A very strong and friendly person.
I really recommend his books for the pleasure and for the wisdom inside!
And for all who like to visit his Homepage: www.chrisayersdesign.com

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