15. Oktober 2010

Getting quite emotional!

So, it's done. My last Day of Silliness 2 Workshop. I have two things left to do and i will do them this weekend, promised. But... puhh....i didn't expect me to get so attached to this group, i even cried a bit. Unbelievable i'm so emotional about this. It was such a great time and it was terribly fast over. Wow, i'm impressed to look at all my Worksheets together. Quite some work!

I got so much inspiration for new projects...i wonder if i will ever have the time to work on all of them.

1 Kommentar:

  1. I feel the same way! though I didn't actually cry ;) I've got plenty to keep me occupied since we're about to move house, but 'silly' was keeping me grounded! I loved the energy in the Flickr group & will SO miss my daily dose of inspiration! I'll definitely keep an eye out for a possible Silly 3 & hope to see you there!! Thanks for looking at my blog, too!